Our philosophy is based on the belief that the performance of talented portfolio managers, with a growth mindset, can be enhanced with the use of technology and mentoring, which we provide through:


We apply pioneering technology and innovative analytics to drive performance improvement. We relentlessly measure everything, which allows us to improve performance.


We design and implement repeatable processes and continuously iterate these to deliver consistent, risk-adjusted returns.


Our collaborative and transparent culture attracts high-potential investment professionals who share the philosophy that portfolio management is a continuous learning process supported by data, analytics and mentoring.

Combining the best of human and machine to maximise risk-adjusted returns

Through constant development and the use of data, we give our portfolio managers significant insight into their own investment behaviour, enabling them to reach their full potential and maximise risk-adjusted returns.

Partnering with the right talent

We identify and partner with talented portfolio managers who have a passion for growth and technology. We have a firm belief in discipline through process in every part of the investment cycle and partner with those of the same mindset.

Once we bring a portfolio manager on-board, we back them with significant resources dedicated to developing them and optimising the implementation of their strategy.

Robust operational infrastructure

Our portfolio managers are supported by a long-established and institutional-quality operational infrastructure, including a large, dedicated business team responsible for compliance, risk, centralised trade execution, operations, fund accounting and marketing.