Chelodina runs a global, European focused, long/short equity strategy with a low net exposure. The strategy is implemented through a multi-PM construct, combining the best of discretionary investing with bespoke trading technology, behavioural insights and performance analytics. The strategy aims to deliver alpha-driven, absolute returns with low volatility and a low correlation to traditional asset classes. The capital in Chelodina is allocated to a diverse selection of equity-based strategies across a variety of regions, sectors and styles via a dynamic allocation process.

The Chelodina PM team reports to Ralph Courtney who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the strategy, including the allocation of capital and optimisation of the portfolio risk. Ralph joined Marble Bar in 2018 and has previously held portfolio management positions at BlueCrest and Visium and was the co-founder of Omni Absolute Return LLP. Hilton Nathanson, Marble Bar’s founder, helps inform capital allocation decisions and works closely with Chelodina PMs to help them continuously improve their investment performance.