Velox runs a low net European equity long/short strategy. The investment team build a defensive and diversified portfolio which is intended to minimise correlation to equity markets. Its investment process revolves around the identification of repeatable patterns of stock price behaviour. An integrated approach absorbs technical analysis, fundamental analysis, ESG, sentiment and catalysts. A controlled environment of risk disciplines is a defining pillar, as capital preservation remains at the heart of the product. The team embraces technology to aggregate market information, allowing for efficient sourcing and analysis. Capital is then allocated dynamically across strategies that represent different durations and risk profiles, providing balance and agility to the portfolio. The team understand that ESG issues have the potential to meaningfully infuence returns and recognise the importance of a formalised approach to evaluating and integrating them into the investment strategy.

The Velox strategy emerged from Marble Bar in 2016. The core investment team have worked together since 2008, managing money across a number of Marble Bar funds. They were solely responsible for the management of the Marble Bar Active fund from March 2014 to March 2016.

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